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About us

We devised our unique service for a Central London Law Firm using the exact same formula

and principle we retain for America.  Our contract included a 2 year retainer condition.  We supervised the training of Agents, the operation, and the expansion of the service.

Expansion far exceeded even our expectations.  The service now covers most of the regions of

England.  The Agents now provide the service to a large number of hospices, retirement homes,

Churches, and the general public.

Now that we have completed our Contract we are free to pursue our dream and ambition.  The

great American market.   We approach this incredible challenge with the enthusiastic support

of our American partner.  A Florida resident of more than 30 years.  Our aim is to emulate our

initial success and eventually cover all the major regions of America.


Passing without  Will (intestate).  Does this create problems?  OH YES.  Immediately the deceased`s estate goes to

probate.  Resulting in the whole estate being in lock down.

The American legal system is so complex it is generally accepted that family cannot cope and have to resort to

retaining the services of a probate lawyer.  Even in a small estate fees will be at least $2,300 plus taxes, and that figure is based on there being no family disputes.  It can easily double.

Probate can take a year or more to reach Court.  The Courts decisions are final, even though the findings may not comply with the wishes of the family.  It is a stressful experience for all of the family.


These have to be covered from the family finances

County Taxes    Home Insurance    Utilities    Mortgage repayments?    Homeowners fees.    Vehicle Tax.    Vehicle Insurance.    Vehicle HP repayments.    Pool maintenance?    Travel expenses.

Average family expenses on a small estate  $10-12,000

In Florida if a person passes away testate (with a Last Will & Testament) it will probable have to go through probate Court.  However recent legal changes have in most uncontested cases become a simple formality.